Examining Financial Intermediation in Brazil

Working with Banco Central do Brasil (BCB), Gabriel de Abreu Madeira is developing a new economic model of the Brazilian banking sector. Madiera’s research will focus primarily on thoroughly listing and mapping BCB datasets on households, businesses, and both municipal-level and national financial institutions, in order to ensure the new model and its variables will be well-grounded in the data. By providing this opportunity to comprehensively and rigorously analyze the connections among the macroeconomic variables of the Brazilian economy, Madeira hopes to better inform monetary policies relating to the capacity of Brazil’s banking system to distribute resources and cope with risks.

Research Questions: 
  • What are the variables that are most valuable to know to cope with the relevant questions related to financial intermediation? 
  • What is the relationship between economic policy and the capacity of the banking system to distribute resources and cope with risks?

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