Savings and Financial Underpinnings of Macro Models Workshop

The Savings and Financial Underpinnings of Macro Models Workshop, which is supported by CFSP, brings together development economists and researchers working on quantitative micro-founded macroeconomic models and who have relevant technical expertise in a variety of sub-fields, in order to build better, more relevant models with realistic financial underpinnings.

Traditionally, development economics has focused on “partial equilibrium” phenomena, examining relatively concrete policy treatments, such as subsidies to financial institutions.

The CFSP, however, is often interested in larger-scale phenomena, such as the mobilization of savings in large low-wealth populations, which can have impacts on the local, regional, or even national economies. The evaluation of these kinds of phenomena requires “general equilibrium” models.

By bridging various types of models (partial equilibrium, macroeconomic growth, and rich heterogeneous agent) in constructing general equilibrium models, and by rigorously checking those models against the data “on the ground" for plausibility and estimation, the workshop aims to assist in the development of theories and empirical strategies than can be used to evaluate the impact of changes to the financial sector. <Read the full workshop vision statement.>

Below we have listed papers and presentations, participants and agendas from past meetings.

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August 2011 meeting

October 2010 meeting

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